3D Moon

What does the moon look like in 3D?

Here are some three dimensional stereographs of the moon. We've got three different ways to view the moon in 3D so hopefully one three dimension effect will work for you.

How can I take my own 3D photo of the moon?
To take your own 3 dimensional stereograph picture of the moon, all you need to do is take a picture of two full moons that are a few months apart and have them aligned side by side .

Cross eyed 3D Moon
To view this 3D version, you need to cross your eyes so you can merge the two moons on top of each other.

Straight eyed 3D version of the moon

To view this three dimension version you need to relax your eyes so that each eye looks strait ahead at each moon. (Note, if you do the cross eye method on this version it will appear inverted)

Red and Blue 3D glasses versions of the moon