Moon Cheese

Is the moon made out of cheese?

There is plenty of evidence around that suggests NASA's claims of the moon being made of rocks and dust is a hoax. The following points prove to me, beyond doubt in my mind, that the moon is in fact made of cheese.

Firstly, back in 2005, when Google Moon first appeared, when you zoomed in all the way you could clearly see a cheese surface on the moon. This zoom level has now been removed because rumour has it Google has been paid off by NASA in a cover up attempt. But Google is such a large company that we trust all our search results to and I'm sure they would not risk losing our trust by making this up as a frivolous joke. We all know the astronauts for the next moon missions will be using Google moon for directions - lives are at risk - Google wouldn't lie!

Also, the Wallace and Grommet “A Grand Day Out” episode proves beyond doubt the moon is made of cheese. I mean, why would so much time, effort and money go into this claymation without them checking if the moon was in fact made of cheese or not? I'm sure they did their research on this critical fact!

And finaly, if you hold up a see thru cheese wrapper and look at the moon through it you can see the moon has cheese branding on it.

All this evidence convinces me that the moon is made of cheese.